Editorial Board of the Duluth News Tribune Endorses Page Amendment

For Immediate Release

November 16, 2021 

Contact: Chris Mulcahey 


Editorial Board of the Duluth News Tribune Endorses Page Amendment 

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. – On Friday November 12, members of the Duluth News Tribune  Editorial Board wrote in support of the Page Amendment, urging state lawmakers to pass the amendment language in the upcoming 2022 legislative session. 

“When the Minnesota Legislature reconvenes this winter, Republicans and DFLers alike, from both the House and the Senate, can find common ground in the amendment’s promise to finally close achievement and opportunity gaps” said the Editorial Board. “And they can send the Page Amendment to voters to decide to transform public education so that all students are served — the wealthier and the poorer, the white students and the students of color.”

“Adequate is not good enough,” Neel Kashkari, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. “Many other states have updated their constitutions, their education provisions, and some states have said, ‘You know what? Adequate is not good enough for our kids. Our kids deserve a quality education, so that’s the genesis of this. We said let’s amend the constitution to create a civil right for every Minnesota child to get a quality public education.”

The Page Amendment is a proposed change to Minnesota’s state constitution that would deem access to quality public education a fundamental right to all children. It is designed to be a catalyst for much-needed change in Minnesota to improve our persistent education gaps. State lawmakers in both the House and Senate must first  pass HF 874/SF 2563 before the Page Amendment is added as a statewide ballot measure for the November 2022 election. 

Our Children MN is an organization working to inform Minnesotans of the state’s education gaps and to build support to pass the Page Amendment. Learn more about the Page Amendment at https://ourchildrenmn.com/