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Coalition Update – Our Children Joins Minnesotans in Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week and Observing Mental Health Awareness Month
| May 7, 2020

Hello Our Children Coalition Members, In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Our Children would like to thank all of Minnesota’s teachers and staff for their incredible commitment to educating Minnesota students. Your dedication and passion for our children makes us proud every single day, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Distance learning has magnified some of our education challenges in Minnesota, especially the disparities that exist. EdAllies had…

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Coalition Update – Education Equity During COVID-19
| April 29, 2020

Hello Our Children Coalition Members, As many of you know, Governor Tim Walz ordered Minnesota classrooms closed for the rest of the school year. Although Our Children understands the Governor’s order and wants everyone to be safe and healthy, we’ve seen distance learning present significant challenges for students, parents and educators. Last week, we shared…

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Coalition Update – COVID-19 is Expanding the Achievement Gap of Minnesota’s Students
| April 21, 2020

Hello Our Children Coalition Members, We sincerely hope you and your families are staying safe during these uncertain times due to COVID-19. With our new COVID-19 realities in mind, we continue to develop our legislative and grassroots efforts to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot and as soon as it’s safe for all of…

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Forum: Enhancing education by constitutional amendment
By Chuck Slocum, Special to the Star Tribune | March 16, 2020

With supporters including lawmakers from both parties, this issue has the potential to transcend party politics. Minnesota has long had one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation, with education outcomes for children of color, American Indian children and low-income white children lagging far behind children from higher-income families. Workforce issues rank at the…

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Minnesota Indian Affairs Council Passes Resolution in Support of the Page Amendment
| March 14, 2020

The Minnesota Indian Affairs Council (MIAC) passed a resolution calling on the Minnesota Legislature to pass House File 3658 and Senate File 3977, known as the Page Amendment, to allow all voters to consider amending the constitution to ensure a civil right to a quality public education for all children. If passed by the House…

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Attorney General Keith Ellison Remarks on the Page Amendment at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
| March 13, 2020

Let me thank all of you for the great work that you’ve been doing. I mean that being administrators in our schools teaching in our classrooms right after school programs being an active civic leader community groups, all the things that you have been doing. I want to thank you for. And it’s been good…

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Constitutional amendment will make public education a civil right
| March 13, 2020

I have been committed to educational equity for nearly a half-century. When I was honored for my on-field prowess in 1988 and inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I felt so strongly about educational equity that I selected Willarene Beasley, then the principal at Minneapolis North High School, to introduce me at my…

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Our Children Survey Fact Sheet
| March 10, 2020

Our Children released our survey results from over 800 Minnesotans across the state and we’re happy to share our findings with you! Read more to have a look!

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