ICYMI: Justice Alan Page, Neel Kashkari Pen Column for the Star Tribune Calling for Systemic Change to Close Education Gaps

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May 6, 2021 

Contact: Samantha Hanson 


ICYMI: Justice Alan Page, Neel Kashkari Pen Column for the Star Tribune Calling for Systemic Change to Close Education Gaps

ST. PAUL, MINN. – The Star Tribune published an opinion editorial written by Justice Alan Page and Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari expressing that Minnesota’s journey towards equity must begin in the public school system. 

The state of Minnesota leads the nation in education gaps by race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Facing these persistent education gaps requires bold, systemic change to achieve true equity. The Page Amendment will establish a civil right to quality public education, putting children and families first and breaking through the political gridlock that has prevented the state from eliminating its terrible education disparities

See highlights from the op-ed:

  • “Minnesota’s unjust racial disparities are now well-known, and the only way to change this reality is through systemic changes.”

  • “We are particularly proud that our proposal has received bipartisan support, uniting people who often don’t agree.”

  • “What would changing the words of the Constitution do? It is the people who decide what is in their Constitution. If given the chance to vote on our proposal, we believe the people of Minnesota will overwhelmingly support creating this civil right to a quality public education for all children.”

  • “The research is clear: strong constitutional amendments prompted strong legislative action and better outcomes for students, improving both math and reading proficiency for all children — and without increasing litigation.”

  • “Some people say that to improve student outcomes you must first end poverty and “fix” families. Other states have poverty and nontraditional families too, yet they are doing much better for their children.”

  • “We are at a gut check moment as a state. We are really good at talking about equity. But are we actually serious? We hope we are. But if our leaders keep repeating the same behavior and telling themselves we are somehow going to get better outcomes, we will know we are not.”

Read the full opinion editorial here.

Our Children MN is an organization working to inform Minnesotans of the state’s education gaps and to build support to pass the Page Amendment. Learn more about the Page Amendment at https://ourchildrenmn.com/.