Minnesota Indian Affairs Council Passes Resolution in Support of the Page Amendment

The Minnesota Indian Affairs Council (MIAC) passed a resolution calling on the Minnesota Legislature to pass House File 3658 and Senate File 3977, known as the Page Amendment, to allow all voters to consider amending the constitution to ensure a civil right to a quality public education for all children. If passed by the House and Senate, the measure would be placed on the ballot this November.

The MIAC is comprised of ten of the eleven federally-recognized Indian Tribes located throughout the state and is a powerful voice in Minnesota.

“The leaders of our Tribal Nations are calling for a fundamental shift in the very core of our public education system. They know that children are our future—and it is long overdue that the system sees them first and foremost,” said Mike McFadden, Our Children board member. “This effort is going to take support from every corner of state and we are honored to work with these amazing leaders to get the Page Amendment passed this session.”

To join the growing coalition of leaders and community members supporting the Page Amendment and calling upon the Minnesota legislature to put children first, visit ourchildrenmn.com.