New Research Shows Parents Concerned About Quality of Education During COVID, Decreasing Government Confidence in Education

Murmuration, a New York-based nonprofit that specializes in education research, recently shared their Winter 2021 National Polling Project. The National Polling Project is a key aspect of Murmuration’s efforts to refine society’s understanding of education-related issues around the country.

The key takeaways of the Winter 2021 National Poll include:

  • COVID-19: Parent voters of school-aged children appear to be more aware of the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on their children’s education, and less satisfied with their children’s education than they were earlier in the pandemic.
  • Government Confidence: Many voters don’t have confidence in the federal government to handle the challenges facing the country, and most believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. However, voters have more confidence in their local governments and believe that their specific communities are on the right track.

Both takeaways interact with the Page Amendment, as Minnesota’s preexisting education gaps are only worsening during COVID. Government confidence continues to slip, too, as conversations continue for how the state will bounce back from COVID. 

Read the full report here: Murmuration National Poll Memo – Winter 2021