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Nearly four out of five Minnesotans support placing a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a quality public education on the November ballot

Our Children MN public opinion survey shows bipartisan backing for closing the state’s achievement gaps

St. Paul, MN – Nearly 80 percent of Minnesotans surveyed support a constitutional amendment to ensure a quality public education for all children and two-thirds of them rank education as one of state government’s three most important roles.

Those were just two of the findings from a survey of 800 Minnesotans from across the state conducted by Our Children MN, a grassroots campaign working toward education reform for all children.

The survey shows strong, broad-based support for adding an amendment to the state’s constitution to ensure all children have the civil right to a quality public education – regardless of age, race, income, geography or political beliefs.

With a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent, key takeaways from Our Children’s survey report are:

  • Overall, 79 percent of Minnesotans would vote in favor of amending the constitution to ensure a quality education for all children;
  • Support is bipartisan: 92 percent of Democrats, 83 percent of Independents, and 65 percent of Republicans support the proposal;
  • Two-thirds of Minnesotans agree that education is one of the top three most important responsibilities of state government;
  • Only 19 percent believe that Minnesota’s schools are better than those in other states at preparing students for the future;
  • A majority of Minnesotans believe the achievement gap is a statewide issue;
    • Forty percent believe most school districts have significant achievement gaps;
    • Twenty-one percent believe that the achievement gap is a statewide problem, but its significance is limited to a small number of districts;
    • Twenty-five percent believe it is primarily a Twin Cities problem, focused on a small number of districts;
    • Only five percent believe the achievement gap isn’t really a problem

The constitutional amendment effort is being led by former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari. The coalition is growing and includes a wide range of business, community, education and legislative supporters.

“As we talk with kids, parents and educators around Minnesota, we continue to see great enthusiasm and support for what our coalition is proposing,” said Rashad Turner, Board Member of Our Children. “It’s rewarding to know when asked if they would support the Page Amendment on the ballot this November, 79 percent of Minnesotans said they would vote in favor, with 34 percent of those strongly in favor. No matter what kind of background Minnesotans come from, a majority agree the Page Amendment will help solve our achievement gap crisis.”

Our Children Board Member Mike Ciresi commented on the overwhelming support for the coalition and its partners.

“I think all of us could feel the support for our movement and the Page Amendment, but these numbers solidify a brand-new reality that’s starting to sink-in,” said Ciresi. “In an era of polarization and partisan politics, it’s refreshing to see that Minnesotans care about a quality education for all our children. When 92 percent of Democrats, 83 percent of Independents, and 65 percent of Republicans agree on something, you know you’re doing something right.”

Mike McFadden, Our Children Board Member, remarked on fixing our education system’s status quo.

“What we’re seeing with these results is that Minnesota can be the shining light when it comes to public education throughout the country,” said McFadden, Our Children Board Member. “Two-thirds of Minnesotans rank education as one of the three most important responsibilities of the state, and they’re right. These numbers prove Minnesotans truly care about the future of all our children’s public education, so let’s give our families, friends and neighbors an opportunity to speak their voice at the ballot box in November.”

Focusing on the quality of public education and the persistent achievement gaps that plague our state, Our Children is a passionate and diverse grassroots campaign working toward education reforms for all Minnesota students. Alongside President Kashkari and Justice Page, Our Children is committed to amplifying the message in order to pass the Page Amendment at the Minnesota Legislature.

Click here for the survey fact sheet.


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