Page Amendment Official Statement

Page Amendment official statement from Nevada Littlewolf, executive director and campaign manager of Our Children MN.


“Dearest Minnesota community,

After an exhausting year and the last three weeks of trial, we collectively exhale and breathe.

Absent systemic change and criminal justice reform, we will not have racial equity. Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) still wake up in a fundamentally different state than white Minnesotans.

The Page Amendment addresses the most formative of institutions — public education. Our communities are in a critical moment of reckoning. Equity requires quality for all Minnesotans.

The Page Amendment demands quality from a system that only manages adequacy for BIPOC Minnesotans. Worst-in-the-nation education gaps by race and ethnicity illuminate the disparities created and perpetuated in the public school system.

The state of Minnesota must act. We must build a people-based infrastructure to create and maintain equity. Quality public education and equity in Minnesota public schools create even more equity in criminal justice. Minnesotans are ready to have this conversation. So are we.

Nevada Littlewolf”