Page Partner Spotlight: Bridgemakers

This week’s Page Partner Spotlight is Bridgemakers.

Bridgemakers is a newly-formed, youth-led organization based in the Twin Cities, seeking to advance equity for indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth in Minnesota by advancing youth representation on youth-serving decision-making bodies, expanding youth access to pathways to economic prosperity, engaging youth voices to redesign high schools for the 21st century, building a long-term statewide grassroots base of youth advocates, and building long-term mentoring bridges between youth and Minnesota leaders.

“As a young person who has experienced a variety of diverse learning environments, I am certain our public school system isn’t working. It doesn’t reflect the needs of young people and teachers — the real stakeholders — and gaps in our system lead to vastly different outcomes for lower-income and racially diverse students. The Page Amendment is an essential step in creating a more equitable and effective school system that actually prepares young people for the 21st century.”

– Lincoln Bacal
Youth Ambassador, Bridgemakers