Page Partner Spotlight: EdAllies


This week’s Page Partner Spotlight is EdAllies!

EdAllies partners with schools, families, and communities to ensure that every young Minnesotan has access to a rigorous and engaging education. We advance policies that put underserved students first, remove barriers facing successful schools and programs, and foster an inclusive conversation about what’s possible for students.


“Every Minnesota student deserves a rigorous and engaging education. We need every lever possible to ensure that we provide opportunities for students, especially for students from traditionally underserved communities. Our constitution should be the beacon, reflecting our values—of more than just an “adequate” or “uniform” education, but of an education that gives Minnesotans the freedom to achieve their fullest potential. It’s time to modernize and reaffirm our guarantee to kids, and put a stake in the ground to say that education is our top priority.”
Josh Crosson, Executive Director
Jenifer Loon, Senior Policy Fellow