Page Partner Spotlight: Isuroon




This week’s Page Partner Spotlight is Isuroon!

Isuroon is a nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to building Somali women and girls social connectedness and self-sufficiency so that they can lead healthier, more productive lives in Minnesota and globally. The organization partners with health care providers and policymakers to improve outcomes and decrease disparity through culturally competent training and research.

The future of the Somali community depends on the Page Amendment. We have seen time and time again the school system failing our Somali children. Providing equal access to quality education for all will not only prevent education discrimination, but it will reduce disparities, reduce incarceration of Black and Brown communities, and provide opportunity for upward mobility. The only way we can have equal rights is to ensure that our schools are providing quality education for our children.”

– Fartun Weli
Executive Director and Founder, Isuroon