Page Partner Spotlight: Young Women’s Initiative (YWI)

This week’s Page Partner Spotlight is Young Women’s Initiative (YWI).

YWI is on a mission to create a Minnesota where every young woman thrives. Launched by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota in partnership with the Governor’s Office in 2016, the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment that centers the leadership and solutions of young women of color, American Indian young women, young women from Greater Minnesota, LGBTQ+ youth, and young women with disabilities.

“Supporting the Page Amendment is important to us because the way our education system is set up is a reflection of how our greater society is set up, and every child deserves the opportunity at attaining a quality education. It is important that we take the time to make the necessary changes to our education system to ensure that future generations can experience a classroom in which they feel supported and empowered, and that is a step the Page Amendment is making.”  
– Aaisha Abdullahi
Cabinet Member, YWI

“We support the Page Amendment because we are young adults who received our earliest education in the state of Minnesota. We have the lived knowledge to know what needs to be fixed, but also we are young leaders who believe that all young people, especially those experiencing systematic marginalization, deserve an equitable education that is designed specifically for them and affirms all of their identities, and the Page Amendment is a large step in that direction.”
– Ponny White
Cabinet Member, YWI