ICYMI: Page Amendment in the Star Tribune

For Immediate Release 

February 2, 2021

Contact: Samantha Hanson


ICYMI: Page Amendment in the Star Tribune

 “Page Amendment backers renew push for constitutional fix to school equity gap.”

ST. PAUL, MINN. – The Star Tribune published an article about the Page Amendment on Monday featuring an overview of the amendment, plus information on the legislative process and quotes from supporters of the amendment. The amendment will provide every Minnesota child with a civil right to quality public education.

Justice Alan Page and Our Children MN Board Member Mike McFadden are both quoted in the article, Page stating that “If it [educational disparities] doesn’t affect your own children, it’s not as dramatic of a problem, and it doesn’t get addressed. That’s not to say there haven’t been good faith efforts, but it’s always been around the edges.”

The Page Amendment has the support of numerous legislators in both the House and the Senate. Senator Michelle Benson, R – Ham Lake, is also quoted as saying, “For the first time, we are having a robust, across-the-aisle conversation about fundamental change.”

The story comes just a day after the Duluth News Tribune published an opinion editorial written by Our Children MN Campaign Manager and Executive Director Nevada Littlewolf about the amendment and our state’s need for bold, transformative education reform.

Our Children MN is a bipartisan coalition working to inform Minnesotans of our state’s education gaps and to build support to pass the Page Amendment. Read Nevada’s column here and the full Star Tribune article here. Learn more information about the Page Amendment at www.pageamendmentmn.com.