RELEASE: Minnesota Needs the Page Amendment for Walz’s Due North Educ. Plan

For Immediate Release 

January 26, 2021

Contact: Samantha Hanson

ICYMI: Minnesota Need the Page Amendment to Accomplish the Goals of Governor’s “Due North” Plan

St. Paul, Minnesota – Yesterday, Governor Tim Walz held a press conference to release the “Due North Education Plan”, a report on overcoming educational inequity in Minnesota public schools. The report indicates that Minnesota will need bold, transformative changes to address public school inequities; the Page Amendment is that bold, transformative change

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The report was co-developed by a panel of 22 leaders in education, including Justice Alan Page co-developed the report, and spoke at the press conference.

“We need a plan that puts children first. By putting children first, and making sure that each individual child is prepared for the future, we put Minnesota first. I believe that is critical to our future and the future of our state,” said Justice Page.

The current education challenges of COVID-19 are widening Minnesota’s already large education gaps, exacerbating the statewide education crisis that the amendment is designed to fix. The Page Amendment team is happy to see the governor taking education inequity seriously, and sees the similarities in the report’s priorities and the priorities of the amendment. For next steps, the governor emphasized the need for state-wide community organizing, hosting larger community conversations, and gaining broader buy-in from families, the business community, and more.

The stakeholders advancing the Page Amendment have a plan to facilitate these next steps. Learn more about it here: