RELEASE: We’ll Need the Page Amendment to Accomplish Walz’s Due North Ed. Plan

For Immediate Release 

January 25, 2021

Contact: Samantha Hanson

Governor Walz Announces Due North Education Plan: We’ll Need the Page Amendment to Accomplish It

The governor’s report enumerates seven goals, all of which would be driven forward by the amendment.

St. Paul, Minnesota – In a press conference today, Governor Tim Walz released a report on overcoming educational inequity in Minnesota public schools. The Page Amendment and its supporters are glad to see the Walz Administration taking education inequity seriously. The current education challenges of COVID-19 are widening Minnesota’s already large education gaps, exacerbating the statewide education crisis that the amendment is designed to fix. We need the Page Amendment to fully address education inequity.

The Governor’s report is called the “Due North Education Plan” and features seven goals. The report was co-developed by a panel of 22 leaders in education, including Justice Alan Page.

“The report that Governor Walz has released is directly aligned to the priorities of the Page Amendment but to move forward, it is time to get on board with the transformational change outlined in the amendment,” said Nevada Littlewolf, Campaign Manager and Executive Director of Our Children MN, an organization working to inform Minnesotans of our state’s education gaps and to build support to pass the Page Amendment. “We are thrilled that Justice Page was part of the process, working closely with the governor to develop the seven goals.”

“The only way to achieve all seven of these goals is to be bold and take transformative action; the time has come to provide all Minnesota children with a civil right to quality public education. The governor’s report is an important first step. The Page Amendment is the policy.”

The report was developed in a series of roundtable discussions in the fall and winter of 2020. For next steps, the governor emphasized the need for state-wide community organizing, hosting larger community conversations, and gaining broader buy-in from families, the business community, and more.

The stakeholders advancing the Page Amendment have a plan to facilitate these next steps. Learn more about it here: