Senate Messages of Support

State Senator Michelle Benson introduced the Page Amendment to the Minnesota State Senate on May 17, 2021. Though the 2021 legislative session ended on May 17, the Page Amendment coalition continues to advocate for the amendment to ensure it is positioned to pass in 2022.

Can you help us thank the authors Senators Benson, Howe and Hoffman?

Please see a sample message, Tweet and phone script to contact the senators below. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the contact information for each senator.

Messages for Authors


  • Thank you for signing onto the Page Amendment! Minnesota is facing an education crisis, with worst-in-the-nation education gaps by race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. We need your help, and the help of your colleagues to fix them. The Page Amendment is the best opportunity we have had in over two decades to do this. Your leadership for transformative education reform is crucial. It is the hope of myself and our community that we may work together to define quality public education for all Minnesotans when it passes in November 2022!


  • Thank you for signing onto the Page Amendment, [INSERT HANDLE]! Minnesota has worst-in-the-nation education gaps, and we need your help to fix them. I am excited to work together to define quality public education for all Minnesotans. #mnleg

Phone script

  • Hello, this is (your full name). I am calling today to thank Senator (last name) for (his/her) leadership in the State Senate to reform the public education system with the Page Amendment. Minnesota has horrible education inequities that are exacerbating Minnesota’s worst-in-the-nation education gaps. The legislation is key to narrowing and closing the gaps. The leadership of legislators like Senator (last name) to move this amendment forward is exciting and important for all Minnesota children. Can you please relay my message to Senator (last name)? If (he/she) would like to get back to me, my phone number is (phone number). Thank you.

Contact Information