Supporter Spotlight: Dr. Bernadeia Johnson


This week’s Supporter Spotlight is Dr. Bernadeia Johnson! 

Dr. Johnson is a former public school teacher, principal and superintendent. She joined the Our Children MN board in early 2021. Dr. Johnson has been a longtime education advocate, working on reducing suspensions and expulsions in Minnesota schools. 


“I have taught the fifth grade and worked as both a public school principal and superintendent. In each role, the environmental factors were the same. Education disparities were rampant and teachers were working overtime to address them. Someone once said that teachers are the foot soldiers of democracy. They are the single profession that is responsible for opening up opportunities for a child, but their jobs have become harder and harder. Education disparities are still rampant and teachers are still working to address them. We must honor their work by fixing the public education system.”

– Dr. Bernadeia Johnson
Board Member, Our Children MN
Professor, Minnesota State University Mankato