Week of Action Toolkit

Page Amendment Week of Action Toolkit
March 22 – 26

The Page Amendment Week of Action is the campaign’s official statewide education and
advocacy week. Week of Action is for Minnesotans to learn more about the amendment through
a series of educational events, and then connect with local lawmakers and share why they
support quality public education for all Minnesotans. Here are the ways you can get involved.

Post about #PageWeekofAction on social media
Use the hashtag #PageWeekofAction to engage with Week of Action on Twitter,
Facebook, and Instagram. Check out some sample messages to get you started:

Lobby for the Page Amendment from home
Help us encourage members of the House of Representatives to hold hearings on the

  • It’s easy! Follow this link to our online advocacy campaign and enter your
  • There are three easy ways to encourage representatives to support the
    amendment: send an email, write a Tweet, or make a phone call
  • Press “send”, and you’re done!

Change your profile pictures on social media to show support
Show your support for the amendment by changing your cover and profile pictures on
Facebook and Twitter.

  • Check this Google Folder for a Week of Action Graphic, and two options for
    profile pictures!